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Unlock the full potential of your medical practice with our comprehensive marketing strategies at Ignite Marketing. 

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“We generated 5K+ qualified leads from both English and Spanish target markets in a competitive niche.”


“Organic traffic growth has been way beyond expectations.”


“We now receive 80+ contact form completions every month from prospects who are highly interested.

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Tired of trial and error? Our proven results speak for themselves. See how our tailored strategies have driven real, measurable growth for our past clients.
“I want to share my awesome experience with Shawn & his team. We’ve tried so many things over the years. I have tried many marketers but no one was working. Next month is going to be one year [with Ignite Marketing]. These guys know what they’re doing, they’re at the top of their game, they’re always there when you need them. They know exactly what to do.”
dr mohamed e1564528057698
Dr. Mohamed Shalabi
“If you do ‘Dinner with the Doc’, I’ve personally tried 5-6 Facebook companies over the past few years. You’ve got to try Shawn Manaher with Ignite Marketing. They’ve, by far, been the most consistent company I’ve ever used. They will be the ONLY company I use for the ‘Dinner with a Doc’ program. It’s been a blessing working with these guys.”
dr brian e1564528160205
Dr. Brian Anderson
“Thank you Ignite Marketing! I have never had a more successful campaign for bringing in new practice members. Nothing has been better than what Ignite Marketing has done. I’ve watched my practice grow from 20 visits a day, up to 50/day. It’s more than doubled my practice. The only problem we have is keeping up with all of the new patients.”

dr shannon e1564528125352
Dr. Shannon Myers

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About Ignite Marketing

Ignite Marketing is where strategy, technology, and marketing talent converge to create results-driven, custom-crafted digital campaigns that help clients reach their growth goals.

We’re a diverse team with distinct skillsets and we share a passion for helping businesses fulfil their purpose. That starts with driving more traffic, converting more leads, and closing more clients.

With us, there is no guesswork or opportunity left undiscovered. Our processes and proprietary technology ensure our methods and decisions are driven by solid analytics and our results are powered by consistency. Whether you’re looking for short-term or long-terms solutions, we’re fast, efficient, and performance-oriented with a healthy dose of creative.

We look forward to growing your business.

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