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Case Studies from Clients

  • Dr. Mohamed Shalabi

    Dr. Mohamed Shalabi

    Health 1st Center
    “I want to share my awesome experience with Shawn & his team. We’ve tried so many things over the years. I have tried many marketers but no one was working. Next month is going to be one year [with Ignite Marketing]. These guys know what they’re doing, they’re at the top of their game, they’re always there when you need them. They know exactly what to do.”
  • Dr. Shannon Myers

    Dr. Shannon Myers

    Myers Chiropractic
    “Thank you Ignite Marketing! I have never had a more successful campaign for bringing in new practice members. Nothing has been better than what Ignite Marketing has done. I’ve watched my practice grow from 20 visits a day, up to 50/day. It’s more than doubled my practice. The only problem we have is keeping up with all of the new patients.”
  • Dr Brian Anderson

    Dr. Brian Anderson

    Life Essentials Chiropractic
    “If you do ‘Dinner with the Doc’, I’ve personally tried 5-6 Facebook companies over the past few years. You’ve got to try Shawn Manaher with Ignite Marketing. They’ve, by far, been the most consistent company I’ve ever used. They will be the ONLY company I use for the ‘Dinner with a Doc’ program. It’s been a blessing working with these guys.”

Ignite Marketing: Who We Are

Ignite Marketing is where strategy, technology, and marketing talent converge to create results-driven, custom-crafted digital campaigns that help clients reach their growth goals.

We’re a diverse team with distinct skillsets and we share a passion for helping businesses fulfil their purpose. That starts with driving more traffic, converting more leads, and closing more clients.

With us, there is no guesswork or opportunity left undiscovered. Our processes and proprietary technology ensure our methods and decisions are driven by solid analytics and our results are powered by consistency. Whether you’re looking for short-term or long-terms solutions, we’re fast, efficient, and performance-oriented with a healthy dose of creative.

We look forward to growing your business.


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The Unfair Advantage That Has Generated Millions for Our Clients

(Don't let its simplicity fool you.)

Strategy Development

Success doesn’t happen by accident. Our in-depth discovery and roadmapping sessions guarantee you’ll have a tailored blueprint for achieving dynamite results consistently and predictably in both the short-term and long-term.


Combining art and science into winning campaigns based on your strategy and proven principles, we use reliable software and intelligent technology built in-house to light the fuse. Your marketing is stress-free and scalable.

Performance Analysis

BOOM! In this moment of truth, our extensive data analysis and reporting process ensures we’re constantly optimizing your campaigns for optimal outcomes. You’ll always get what you desire most: more customers, more revenue, more profit.

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The Method to Our Mad Skills

With deep roots in all things digital and inbound marketing, we aim to balance practical needs with strategic goals while delivering desired results. Our time-tested process allows us to do that with less pain, more gain, and on a faster timeline within budget.

Step 1. Discover

During this critical research stage we conduct a thorough audit and analysis of your current situation, past data, website quality, competitors, clients, and industry as a whole. We ask the hard questions to understand your business’s nuances, clarify goals, diagnose specific problems, and identify opportunities for client acquisition and growth. We employ software in order to uncover the kind of insights you won’t get anywhere else.

Step 2. Strategize

Now that we have the information we need to grow your business, as well as plug the holes in your existing marketing and sales funnels, we develop your marketing game plan. Brainstorming strategy is all about crafting solutions and identifying tactical elements that solve your challenges and achieve your objectives. Our strategies are backed by an in-house team with demonstrated expertise in multiple disciplines including SEO, paid advertising, content marketing, and social media.

Step 3. Create

At this point, our conversion-oriented copywriters write, our gifted designers design, and our super techie developers develop. From ad creatives, blog posts, lead magnets, and email sequences to social media posts, ebooks, sales pages, and website copy, our team produces all the tactical pieces that turn your marketing efforts into an engine of revenue. With the entire process supported by our traffic specialists and media buyers, we uniquely design each campaign to attract highly qualified prospects and carry out every task with efficiency and precision.

Step 4. Train

Besides simplifying the sales process with as few tools as possible, we train and coach your frontline teams to handle and convert in-coming prospects effectively. Our sales model creates the optimal environment for nurturing prospects through your sales cycle while providing you with the scripts and technology necessary to execute the fundamental task of closing clients like a pro. We incorporate a high level of support to ensure you’re able to manage both the skills and volume required for a successful campaign.

Step 5. Execute

When launch day comes, you can rest assured you have a campaign built on the foundation of an ideal tech stack, functional integration and automation, and best practices in all disciplines. This is an exciting time as your strategy is set in motion and we get to see your marketing come to life. Our systems, processes, and comprehensive quality controls not only enable us to get it right the first time, but also launch up to 300% faster than the typical agency.

Step 6. Test

We use numbers to steer your marketing, not speculation. That means leveraging split-testing, built-in analytics tools, and integrated tracking software to produce regular reports on the performance of both individual tactics and your overall strategy. Thanks to our owned tech capabilities and high-end software purchases, your campaigns are already set up to collect factual data that can help us drive you closer to your business goals.

Step 7. Optimize

Armed with a better understanding of your ROI, we offer actionable advice and recommendations that will strengthen positive results and help you quickly pivot towards practical alternatives when needed. Adaption is the key to optimizing your growth strategy, which is why we consistently review and refine to ensure you’re on track to success and that no penny goes to waste. You’ll always know exactly what you’re spending per lead or sale.

Clients and Brands We’ve Helped Grow

scoliosis reduction center
health 1st center
moss family chiropractic
koenig chiropractic
stagecoach family chiropractic
health and harmony wellness center
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The Innovative Nerds Driving Your Results

Shawn Manaher

Shawn Manaher

Miraculously surviving a GSW to the head as a teen, Shawn knows how to fight –in life and as it turns out in business.

As someone who has generated millions in revenue online, the brains behind Ignite Marketing, and leader of the nerd pack, he’ll go to bat for you to ensure your local business not only survives but thrives in today’s competitive marketplace. He’s brilliant at social media and even better at sales.
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R.J. Adams

R.J. Adams

Operations Ninja
Problem-solver extraordinaire, R.J. can solve Rubik’s Cube in less than 90 seconds flat without blinking an eye.

Ask him to show you and he’ll build you an optimized Facebook Ad funnel at the same time. A pro at landing page and automation designs, client management, and business operations, you can always feel confident your campaigns are in the right hands—running efficiently and profitably.
Scot Manaher

Scot Manaher

Campaign Specialist Ninja
Campaign creator & troubleshooter, Scot can usually be found setting up funnels or working on specialized projects.

A great teacher, he also helps train new recruits through pre-recorded screen recordings and is skilled in several areas including SEO, videography, and writing. As a teen, Scot was a marksman until his BB-gun was confiscated (see Shawn’s bio for the other half of that story).

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