Lawyer Ads: 20 Best and Worst Lawyer Ads

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According to the American Bar Association, only 17% of solo practitioners and more than 60% of medium-sized firms have a budget to advertise their services. While advertising for lawyers and law firms has changed vastly, those with a budget, know key tricks and keep adhering to changing trends enjoy the immense benefits of effective advertising.

Great lawyer ads inform legal prospects of the products and services a firm or solo practitioner offers. Since potential and existing clients want to understand your brand better, proper advertising keeps your law firm relevant and ahead of your competitors, and that boosts your revenue.

In this article, we focus on the best and worst lawyer ads. More so, we’ll highlight what lawyers and law firms can do to improve their ads’ quality and effectiveness. But first, here’s how to get started with lawyer and law firm ads.

Getting Started With Lawyer Ads

Some law firms and attorneys underestimate ads’ power and believe that reputation alone is enough to secure their practice. While a solid reputation in the industry may help you get active clients, it does not guarantee you a steady stream of clients. Effective advertisement will help your firm set itself apart from the rest.

But to get there, to the extent of enhancing your search engine rankings while building a rapport with potential and existing customers, you need to know how to get started. Here are a few things lawyers need to understand about lawyer ads.

One other critical aspect that lawyers should consider in their advertising efforts is premises liability, a cornerstone of personal injury law. This area addresses cases where individuals suffer injuries on another's property due to negligence. Whether it's a slip and fall incident, inadequate security measures, or hazardous conditions on the premises, having a skilled premises liability lawyer can significantly impact the outcome of such cases.

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You Can Place Ads Offline or Online

Offline advertising uses traditional advertising methods, such as radio, television, direct mail, brochures and flyers, billboards, and print media. Most people, wrongfully, believe that offline advertising has been outdated by technological advancements.

Listen, traditional ads are still trendy across the world and convert pretty well when used appropriately. Many businesses advertise on radio, television, newspapers, and billboards. That’s why we continuously come across billboards as we walk or drive around.

Online advertisement has numerous benefits for law firms. It’s affordable and reaches many people compared to offline adverts. Again, it utilizes the internet and digital channels to help firms reach a wide range of views. These channels include:

  • Emails
  • Websites
  • Mobile ads
  • Search engine optimization
  • Display ads

law firm marketing looking to accelerate5Have a Budget

You don’t need to break your bank because of lawyer ads. There are numerous ways you can advertise without straining your resources. For example, pay-per-click adverts are a cost-effective way of advertising if you know how to reach your target audience.

For law firms, the money spent on advertising depends on several things. First, you must consider your target audience. Secondly, your audience’s size, whether you have the skills required to create an effective ad, and your advertising frequency.

Know Your Target Audience

When targeting a niche audience, you should use a platform that puts you in front of that audience. However, when you target a broader audience, you should focus on platforms where you can access as many people as possible. Marketers achieve this through the use of data collection and optimization processes.

Again, when it comes to lawyer ads, relevance is critical. Relevance means the right content in the perfect context and ideal time. For example, you can’t advertise your services as an intellectual property lawyer in a reserved segment for succession matters.

Engage a Law Firm Marketing Pro

Not all lawyers are talented marketers. Some have zero experience in generating various forms of content and creating converting ads. As a result, it’s hard to achieve the set marketing goals.

An advert that is poorly designed affects your esteem as a lawyer in the eyes of your clients. You look incompetent. And to avoid this, consider outsourcing the work. Hire professionals to create converting ads on various social media platforms.

Don’t Forget to Deliver

Creating an attractive advert is all that lawyers want, but delivering on your promises is the best thing you can do for you and your firm. Focus on over-delivering. Great ads will not take you far if your clients are not satisfied with your work.

Be clear on what you know you can deliver, and stick to that. Your customers deserve the best experience while working with you. By doing this, you inspire loyalty, and your clients become your ambassadors, besides being frequent visitors when a need arises.

Now that you understand how to get ready with lawyer ads, let’s jump into real-world examples!

Best and Worst Lawyer Ads Examples to Learn From

Lawyer ads find their way in various platforms ranging from social media, Google to print media, among other places. Here are examples of best and worst lawyer ads categorized in various sections for easy understanding.

Keep reading!

Social Media Ads for Lawyers

Almost all businesses are now on social media. 96% of lawyers use social media to create brand awareness, engage the audience, establish authority, boost their SEO efforts, and, most importantly, attract new clients.

While the number of lawyers active on social media seems high, only 35% of lawyers have effectively enjoyed immense benefits, including gaining new clients often when they leverage social media.

That said, it’s clear that some law firms are still finding it hard to thrive in the social media space. It happens when a social media marketing strategy at hand isn’t viable. Here are some of the best and worst lawyer ads as used on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Examples of Facebook Ads for Lawyers

Most often, Facebook ads come as photo ads, video ads, offer ads, or slideshow ads. Here are a few best Facebook ads examples for lawyers.

colorado legal group ad


Colorado Legal Group has mastered creating great ads that lawyers and law firms can learn a lot from. A look at this ad communicates more than its captivating images. So, what’s great about this ad?

Here are the reasons why it’s an excellent example worth mentioning:

Catchy headline: People are more likely to open the ad based on the headline. The word” Fathers Facing a Custody Case” instantly grasps your attention. The headline is very specific and targets fathers expecting a custody battle.

Excellent ad attitude: Prospects feel cared for when addressed appropriately. The tone here cures the custody issues a father might have. The ad doesn’t in any way feel manipulative. With that, readers can feel, see, and understand the intention and benefits of the firm.

Perfect photography: Plain text accompanied by a plain background is simply boring. Using awesome graphics, Colorado Legal Group has appealed to its current and potential clients’ visual interests.

An awesome call to action: The advert doesn’t just explain to people what the firm can do; it encourages them to seek advice from an expert.

Here’s another best lawyer ads example from Colorado Legal Group:

colorado legal group ultimate guide ad


What’s outstanding about this ad?

A powerful heading: The headline of this ad invites the reader to find out something they desire to know. Their target audience will want to read more because the ad is not just about the firm but helping clients.

An attentive ad: The ad invokes a sense of curiosity in its target audience by allowing them to get answers from a guide that addresses their problems; child custody.

Direct call to action: The ad persuades clients to act immediately, rather than later, through the action of downloading.

There are clear benefits to prospects: The ad perfectly addresses the benefits a client gets from engaging the firm; they learn the secrets withheld from them.

Through this ad, Colorado Legal Group firmly establishes itself as a child custody matters expert. That creates an illusion to the viewer that it’s a leader in handling such matters, which boosts their brand identity.

Now, here’s the last one from Colorado Legal Group.

how to divorce the spouse ad


From this Facebook ad, the following best practices are evident:

Direct and humorous: The tone generates interest. Once the viewer reads the ad, they are compelled to watch the video to find out more.

Appetizing headline: Anyone who is looking for a divorce lawyer will pay attention to this advert. The headline is both an attention grabber and an effective call to action, besides the ‘learn more’ option.

A product focused ad: From the get-go, the viewer knows that the firm handles divorce matters. They also know that the firm will go over and beyond to secure a favorable settlement.

Imaginative media: Apart from being creative and smart, the picture reflects the sad condition of people who are in unhappy marriages. The lady pictured appears sad and with a black gown that sends a powerful message.

Vibrant CTA: The call to action to this ad encourages viewers to contact the firm through persuasion and suspense.

greenberg ad


The above lawyer ad from Greenberg & Beaderman, LLC, is another example that lawyers in personal injury and beyond can learn something from.

Please take a look at why it’s great.

Catchy proposition: The words are robust, alarming, and moving. It’s likely to attract the attention of male viewers due to its uniqueness.

A perfect tone: The ad imitates an advertorial. The tone is quite informative. It remains relevant to the matter at hand. If you want to present your ad in a factual yet precise manner, learn from this ad. It hits the mark accurately.

Excellent media: The images used in the ad will help fuel the viewer’s curiosity. They make the advert stand out from the rest. The content and the firm’s name get adequate attention.

Call to action: Greenberg & Beaderman, LLC ad doesn’t just inform; it pushes the reader to do something about the offer by creating a sense of urgency.

cellino ad


Cellino & Barnes seems to know the power of a precise yet straightforward ad. The firm has leveraged slideshow format, and the ad comes out pretty fine—something you won’t find in many law firm ads.

Here are the reasons we’ve included this lawyer ad example in our list:

Clear attention: The ad’s first statement provides the reader with a clear message of what the firm can do for them.

Confidence: It assures the reader that their issues will get attention through the firm lawyers.

Assurance: Cellino & Barnes ad is clear on their track record. They have recovered over $2 billion for their clients. That proves their prowess and work capability in handling car accidents and personal injury cases.

Call to Action: The ad further invites people to consult freely regarding personal injury and accidents. More so, the track record helps to push the reader to consult them.

You’ve probably come across some boring or worst lawyer ads that require improvement to convert better. If you understand what ads need to have, you already know what we’re talking about. Below are two lawyer ads examples that need improvement.

gaffney law

For today, this Gaffney law, PC Facebook lawyer ad, is not an example worth emulating. The good thing is that you can learn what they did wrong and improve on your ad.

Here’s why we’ve pointed out this ad:

Plain content: The ad doesn’t inspire the viewer, and that keeps them away from exploiting the content further.

Plain tone: The ad is dull, and it lacks an enticing or assuring tone. The firm indicates ‘try out’, and viewers may look at this as unsure what the firm does.

No specialty indicated: The ad only states that initial consultation is free. It doesn’t say what specific field the firm deals with. Again, it lacks anything that can encourage a reader or convert a potential customer.

Poor quality image: You can’t tell what the advert is all about without squinting. Most people won’t give it a second look.

On the other hand, Robert P. Ramirez Law Firm, PLLC, misses a few key essentials in this particular ad. Despite a clear indication of the specialty in personal injury and accident, here are some mistakes on the lawyer ad.

Less powerful heading: The absence of a strong headline makes a reader lose interest in the advert immediately.

Messy layout: The non-clear and overcrowded wordings in the ad don’t inspire confidence in a person looking for a law firm specializing in their line of litigation.

No value assured: The firm doesn’t mention any value they might offer a prospective client.

Non convincing CTA: The ad doesn’t have a compelling call to action. The firm has merely asked people to call their office.

Examples of Twitter Ads for Lawyers

Twitter allows businesses, including law firms, to advertise through promoted tweets, promoted trends or promoted accounts.

Here’s an example of the best Twitter ads for lawyers:

advertise on twitter


In this case, Strasburger, a Texas law firm, has promoted their Twitter account to reach a greater audience and gain a massive following. The targeting is excellent, and the account details appear on the homepage ‘Who to Follow’ section of any Twitter account owner with interests similar to those of Strasburger.

So, why is that possible? It’s because the law firm is clear on the following:

  • Target audience interests
  • Ad’s objective
  • Target location
  • Demographics like gender and age

Examples of LinkedIn Ads for Lawyers

LinkedIn is quite popular with lawyers. One study shows that 94-99% of lawyers in law firms of 2 to 100 people have a LinkedIn profile. However, there is a big difference between being on LinkedIn and showcasing excellent ads.

Let’s learn from these LinkedIn lawyer ads example below:

fosters llp ad


Fortsters LLP, the London based real estate law firm, knows the power of a well-crafted and promoted LinkedIn ad. In this best LinkedIn lawyer ad example, the following things are evident.

  • It has an attention seizing introduction, especially when COVID-19 has changed how we live and do business.
  • Short yet descriptive content that assures help to individuals and businesses in real estate.
  • Perfect background images and fonts.
  • A clear call to action requiring the target audience to ‘learn more.’

Below is another LinkedIn promoted ad for law firms from Platt Cheema Richmond PLLC. Overall, the ad communicates the intended message with urgency, but more can be done.

platt cheema ad


You can spot a few errors from a distance:

  • Mixing up the content and being direct to the point.
  • Shortening the description.
  • Not pronouncing their call to action further, despite having an attendance link.

Google Ads for Lawyers

Google ads for lawyers and law firms are the most popular because they help generate high-quality leads as you improve your return on investment.

78% of marketers depend on Google Ads to advertise their businesses (Formstack, 2016). In 2018, Google revealed that $1 spent on Google Ads generates $2 revenue (Google Economic Impact Report, 2018). That will happen when you have the right ads in place.

These ads appear on search results, YouTube, websites, and apps that fall under Google Display Network. Here are two best examples of google ads for lawyers to motivate you.

examples of Google ads for lawyers

Examples of Google Ads for Lawyers

The best Google ads for lawyers should be bar compliant and showcase critical elements to ensure the ad appears optimized. That’s why this ad appears at the top of the search engine result pages (SERPs).

What’s unique about this lawyer ad example? Here are the reasons:

Precise and direct headline: It has perfect phrases that match the keyword queried. Proper keywords are ideal when it comes to SEO for lawyers.

Perfect description: Clients get to know the value they’ll get from the ad’s description. Experience showcased assures expertise help.

Ad extensions: The call and call out extensions show how easily you can contact the law firm. It can boost the lawyer’s click-through-rate. Site link extensions direct the prospects to particular pages.

Location extension: Location is a must. Google will prioritize to show results based on location. More so, location increases the chances of appearing at the top three local search results.

Here’s the second example of Google ads for lawyers:

here s the second example of Google ads.

Why this Morgan & Morgan Law Firm Google ad stands out:

  • A clear indication of the area of specialization.
  • Vibrant selling proposition; 500+ attorneys to serve you.
  • Inspiring commitment to service due to rich experience.
  • Detailed location extension.
  • A clear call to action.

Other than the best examples of Google lawyer ads, we further list some examples that require improvement. Note that we intend to help you learn from the mistakes others are doing out there and come up with lawyer ads that will win prospects.

Here we go!

owen courreges ad

The ad looks straightforward, with specialty, location and period of practice well indicated. But that is not enough. Look at it closely; a lot is missing. That may explain why the ad doesn’t appear on the first page of Google.

Here’s why it needs improvement:

  • It doesn’t convince the prospects to take action by initiating a call.
  • The headline is not keyword rich to capture what prospects search on Google.
  • It lacks key extensions that enhance click-through-rate.

YouTube Ads for Lawyers

YouTube is now popular among people of all age groups. In terms of size, it comes second after Google and it attracts many visitors. YouTube ranks third in terms of visits after Google and Facebook.

Statistics show that 73% of U.S. adults use YouTube, with 70% of the views coming from mobile, and extending up to daily watch time of 250 million hours. That tells you there is much potential on video ads.

That said, here’s a best YouTube ad example for lawyers worth checking out.

best youtube ad for lawyers

The ad in the screenshot falls in the category of In-Search ads. These are ads that appear on YouTube once you type and search your query. You’ll realize that the ad comes before the organic listing.

For instance, in our example here, we queried ‘personal injury New York,’ and three ads popped out. It’s upon the viewer to decide whether to click the ad or choose the organic list’s preferred videos.

Here's why these ads are enticing and worth learning from as you start your YouTube ads Campaign.

  • Excellent call to action
  • Enticing content
  • Precise and self-explaining description
  • A strong headline that attracts clicks

The common types of YouTube ads for lawyers are video discovery ads and in-stream ads. Video discovery ads appear on the YouTube homepage, from search results (as seen above), or on the right side of your screen.

In-stream ads appear in YouTube videos. Here is a guide showing where these lawyer ads appear on YouTube.

trueview in stream ads

true view discovery ads


Video Ads for Lawyers

Other than YouTube Ads, lawyers have another game-changing option; to create video content and advertise their services.

According to Hubspot, 83% of video marketers’ applause videos for helping them generate leads. More so, 88% of marketers evidence that videos have boosted their ROI (Wyzowl, 2020). But that goes beyond statistics; you must create and position your video strategically to win clients.

Here are some examples of the best video ads for lawyers. The examples feature a law firm website, landing page, YouTube, and Facebook.

Website Video Ad Example for Lawyers

new mexico legal group


In your solo or law firm website, video ads can appear at the homepage, testimonial section, or firm attorney’s page. New Mexico Legal Group has positioned its short video on the homepage. We love the fact that:

  • The video is short and to the point.
  • It has a quality image and clear sound, allowing viewers to get the content fully.
  • It’s relevant to their practice.
  • It’s positioned where web visitors can see and take action at their convenience.

Landing Page Video Ad Example for Lawyers

Law firm landing pages require maximum attention. If you’re an enthusiastic marketer, you now know that your PPC and Google ads’ performance depends on your landing page quality. A video on your landing page will help you convert more visitors.

It encourages the prospects to initiate a call, download a guide, or enroll for a webinar.

The video ad example below from Jurewitz Law Group is likely to win many prospects because of the following:

  • Assuring testimonial that explains the law firm capability in bicycle accidents
  • A quality video that answers most questions many in such a situation would want to know.
  • Short and detailed answers.

jlg ad


Facebook Video Ad Example for Lawyers

When most of us hear the word ‘videos,’ what comes first to the mind is YouTube. We don’t dispute that YouTube takes a greater share, but Facebook is something else.

Videos on Facebook are now the new normal. With 8 billion daily video views, you can rest assured that your best lawyer video ad will get the attention it deserves. You only need to follow the best video ads practices to capture people’s attention.

Let’s look at this video ad to understand further what’s expected of law firms.

scott and scott ad


Why Scott & Scott, LLPFacebook video ad deserves mention:

  • Assurance of competency by indicating what the law firm has achieved so far.
  • An engaging ad that allows the viewers to take further action by ‘learning more.’
  • Informative, keeping people on your page for long.
  • Use of animation making the videos creative and memorable.
  • The video auto-plays in the news feeds, capturing the prospects’ attention, unlike static links.

Why You Need the Best Lawyer Ads

Advertising plays a critical role in the success of your law firm. It creates a direct connection between you and your clients. Clients who feel like they’re part of the brand are likely to engage you for business.

Below are a few reasons why you should invest in the best lawyer ads:

Lawyer Ads Can Help Gain New Customers

The legal field continually changes, creating opportunities every day. New clients tend to seek guidance from the legal area for solutions. Lively and dynamic advertising enables you to clinch clients with whom you’ll sign deals despite the competition and other prevailing market conditions.

Lawyer Ads Enables Repeat Business

A free-market economy offers customers a wide range of options. Advertising is the right way of reminding your clients why they chose you at first. It also reminds them why they should continue consulting you for more legal solutions.

Lawyer Ads Give You a Competitive Advantage

Few clients in the market can buy your services at any given time. Ads enable your law firm to remain at the top of the game while competing with other firms. You enjoy a massive audience for your services as you send a message to clients that you are the best option.

Lawyer Ads Boost Your Online Presence

Less than 10% of internet users click on ads. If your law firm invests in good quality ads that follow the best practices in the respective platform, you’ll substantially boost your online presence. An increased online presence is likely to translate to a boost in your business.

Lawyer Ads Keeps Clients Up-to-date

As we have previously stated, the legal field is quite dynamic. New laws and legal pronouncements that create new obligations and rights spring up every day. Ads keep your clients informed of any legal developments within the industry.

Lawyer Ads Boosts the Firm Image

Many law firms and lawyers have suffered a bad reputation at one point in their practice. It is not an uncommon thing to hear people say some lawyers are honest. Having ads on board and being disciplined is the best remedy for this problem. It informs the general public that you are open and ready to do clean and honest business.

Lawyer Ads Assure Continuous Business

Not all clients will require your services daily. However, clients must remember that your firm is a call away to provide a professional legal solution whenever a need arises. Ads assure active business for your firm today and in the future.

law firm marketing need a boost2

Try Your Preferred Lawyer Ads Today!

From the explained best and worst lawyer ads examples, you learn a lot, and you can now start your lawyer ads campaign with confidence. Remember that the main intention you place ads across various platforms is to reach out to potential legal prospects. Sell your services in the best way you can.

If your ad can capture prospects’ attention and address their concerns, you’ll have achieved your marketing goals by far. Best lawyer ads will help you grow your firm.

Ready to try lawyer ads today? Congratulations. You’re now a step further to boost the results of your law firm. But again, having all the ads created and positioned in the right manner isn’t easy.

Relax, we have you at heart. Get in touch, and let’s answer all your lawyer ads related questions as we chart the way forward.

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