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What Chiropractic Facebook Ads Seem to Get the Best Response?

what chiropractic facebook ads get best response

One of the primary goals of any chiropractic office is to attract new patients.

On the surface, that sounds simple.

Run a patient acquisition ad on Facebook, right?

Not so fast.

Dig a little deeper and you’ll find yourself knee-deep in the kind of detailed decision-making that makes this humble quest seem like you’re going to war on the Facebook battlefield.

Suddenly you’re asking yourself:

“How will I attract new chiropractic patients into my funnel?”

“Who do I want to attract?”

“What will I offer them?”

“What key performance indicators will I use to measure success?”

“How will I optimize my Facebook ad?”

Etc. Etc. Etc.

Perhaps you’re starting with one of the most elementary questions of them all: what chiropractic Facebook Ads seem to get the best response?

Honestly, that’s a complex question with an even more complex answer.

TL;DR ANSWER: It depends on a number of factors including what kind of response you’re hoping to achieve, whether your targeting is on point, and whether your offer matches patients where they’re at on the buyer journey. We find three offers tend to do incredibly well when positioned correctly: 1) free guides, 2) dinner campaigns, and 3) new patient offers.

Let’s start with some basics before we jump into each of the offers that tend to generate great results for chiropractors.

Facebook Ad Conversion Rates

Before you begin strategizing any Facebook Ad campaign, it’s important to establish what you consider to be an ideal response based on your objective.

Sure, the ultimate goal is to gain a new paying patient, but the reality is that some people aren’t ready yet. They might just be at the start of the buying journey where they’re researching their pain, which means several smaller conversions likely need to happen before they secure an appointment.

Therefore, a response can be any number of actions that indicate interest—not necessarily a booking.

Let’s look at that in the context of the buyer journey.

The buyer journey is a research and decision process that is typically divided into three stages:

The buyer's journey stages.

(Source: Hubspot)

If an ideal chiropractic patient is in the awareness stage, the individual is searching for information about their pain and looking for potential solutions. At this point, it’s your job to educate them on their problem and introduce your chiropractic services as a possible solution to their needs. During this initial phase, they’re often more inclined to watch an educational video or download a guide than they are to book on appointment.

With that in mind, the response you’re looking for here might be as simple as getting them to watch a video or subscribe to your email list where you’ll then have an opportunity to nurture them into a paying patient. The ad metric you’ll measure as a sign of success will then be video views or email sign ups based on your ad objective.

When they’re in the consideration stage, they’re assessing all solutions. They understand their pain and they’re aware of their options for solving it. They just haven’t decided which solution is best yet. This is when live interactions, patient success stories, comparison content, and free consultations, adjustments, or massages can help sway the prospect your way.

If they’re in the decision stage, they’re already geared up to hit the “Book Now” button. They’re simply waiting for the special offer or deal that’s going to make it worth their while.

So backing up from the ultimate goal of enrolling a paying patient into care, you need to start by asking four critical questions

  1. Who are you targeting? (Chiropractors often have a range of target segments based on age health condition, and more)
  2. What’s your target’s level of awareness?
  3. What conversion goal are you aiming to achieve with your ad campaign?
  4. What can you offer that matches the answers to the first three questions?

When working through these questions, be sure to brainstorm several different offer ideas for different audience segments at different stages of the buyer journey.

A key part of identifying which Facebook Ads draw the best response rates for your chiropractic office depends heavily on testing. While some ad campaigns work like a dream for some practices, the same offer bombs for others.

But don’t worry, we’re not going to let you figure it out all on your own.

The good news is that our core clients are chiropractors and we’ve rigorously tested a variety of offers across numerous target segments and locations in the U.S.

As a result, we’re able to share some of the Facebook Ads that generally perform well and the conversion rates you can expect to see.

Does your Facebook marketing need a boost?

Without further ado, let’s look at three of those chiropractic offers now.

1. Free Guides or eBooks

eBooks and guides are a powerful marketing tool, yet so few chiropractors use them to attract new patients.

The reality is that these pieces of content have a high perceived value, they’re quick and easy to produce, they help establish your expert status, they build trust, they sell without selling, and they give you an opportunity to build a bank of content for repurposing.

What’s more is that the right topic targeted to the right audience on Facebook can generate excellent response rates.

For example, one of our chiropractic clients specializes in treating scoliosis patients naturally. In the grand scheme of things, that’s a relatively small target segment to pursue. However, the following ad has generated 176 new leads for the practice so far.

Demystifying Scoliosis Guide

We’ve also managed to increase their online enquiries by more than 30% all while building our client’s authority as a chiropractor and scoliosis specialist.

As you can no doubt see, this type of chiropractic offer is ideal for people in the awareness stage of the buyer journey. The idea behind it is that you’re able to collect the email addresses of leads, which allows you to send additional information and offers to help them progress through the three phases and eventually convert them into paying patients. In fact, email marketing has one of the highest ROIs because leads are highly qualified and perfectly positioned to purchase.

2. Dinner Campaigns

Targeted, interesting presentations or workshops combined with free food at a good restaurant tend to be a big hit.

Dinner campaigns not only let you attract leads and educate them on a relevant topic, but they also give you an opportunity to network with your local community and build valuable relationships with prospects.

Now you might be sweating bullets at the prospect of paying for dinner, but consider the return on your investment if just a few people sign up for your services or buy your products at the end of your talk. In addition, limited seating works in your favor by creating scarcity and remaining budget-friendly.

Here’s a great example of a dinner campaign that achieved an amazing response rate:

Dinner Campaign Ad

For dinner campaign ads, we typically see a 15-20% response rate.  However, around 60% of prospects who show up to the event convert into care.

There may be a lot of moving parts to this type of chiropractic Facebook Ad offer, but leads are highly qualified and their intent is greater than those who are just starting on the buyer journey. These people have likely done some research on their pain and have determined that attending the dinner is worth the effort to learn more. By the end of the evening, it’s not that difficult to convince them chiropractic is the best solution for their pain.

3. New Patient Direct Offers

Perhaps one of the most common offers you’ll see on Facebook is the new patient direct offer. That’s because it produces great conversion rates.

Whether it’s in the form of a voucher, price discount, or special bundle offer, there’s nothing quite like a price cut to help you reach monthly revenue goals. People love special deals, which is why this type of offer is ideal when you want to attract new patients, retain old ones, drive foot traffic through your practice doors, strengthen patient loyalty, and boost profits.

New patient direct offers

When you’re considering this type of offer, you’ll want to think about the life-time value (LTV) of the patient for your practice. So, if cost per acquisition (CPA) is around $150 and you can make that up in the first visit or two, any additional visits and subsequent purchases effectively cost you $0, thereby increasing overall business profitability.

But what about response rates?

In our experience, these Facebook Ads convert at around 15-20% of leads into paying patients. That’s right, actual bookings. That means for every 100 leads, you can anticipate between 15 and 20 new patients for the month.

Now take into consideration that the average conversion rate on a Facebook Ad in the healthcare industry is around 11%. It’s clear that the three offers we covered above typically exceed average response rates, so you should do well with any of them. The offer you choose to run, however, depends on your answers to the four critical questions we posed at the beginning of this post.

If you want to know more about different types of paid Facebook offers that can help accelerate the growth of your practice, as well as how to create them, be sure to grab a copy of our free guide by clicking the image below.

Free Facebook Guide

Final Thoughts

Creating a Facebook ad campaign can be daunting. With so many factors to consider, there’s major room for error. However, the platform still provides an easy, cost-effective way to promote your chiropractic practice online. Before you hit the eject button and ditch Facebook advertising, test multiple offers to see which produces the best response rates for your office. You might be surprised.

Have a question about Facebook Ads or need help running a campaign? Book a free 15-minute consultation.

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