Can You Buy Instagram Accounts? We Break It Down For You

can you buy instagram accounts

Instagram will celebrate their eleventh birthday late this year, and over 140 million U.S. users leveraging the platform every month can't keep calm. In fact, many individuals, brands, and companies continue to shift their attention to Instagram every day. But joining the platform and growing an account from scratch requires so much effort and time to get noticed, and that has left many wondering, "can you buy Instagram accounts?"

Buying established Instagram accounts is now prevalent, and almost everybody seems to do it to fast-track their brand or business. With many middleman companies and online marketplaces positioning themselves to attract potential buyers and sellers, it's sure evidence that the industry is booming.

Has the thought of buying an aged Instagram account with real followers crossed your mind, and you can't stop thinking about it? It's not flabbergasting, and you're not alone. In this post, we break down the ins and outs of buying Instagram accounts to help you learn and make a sober decision.

Should You Buy Instagram Accounts?

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Data reveals that as of January 2021, Instagram had 1.2 billion active users, making it one of the top social media platforms in the world. The large numbers translate to competition as everybody, from brands to influencers, seeks Instagram following and popularity. That the reality on the ground!

Creating a new account is straightforward, but building a big audience that you can count on will call for many involvements. If you already have an account that you've been trying to grow organically, you know what it means.

There's a lot to do with hurdles everywhere. Instagram users will rarely discover and share new account content. Some time back, 70 percent of users' posts didn't appear on the main Instagram newsfeed — nothing much has changed.

Again, very few users are ready to spend their time getting to know what a new account has to offer. It's so hard but understandable. It's even worse with the ever-updating Instagram algorithm that mostly favors those already with massive followers and remarkable engagements. New accounts have no chance to appear at the top.

That hustle is what makes the majority get tempted to buy used IG accounts. Established accounts attract more audience, and that means business and fame. You'll all agree that the first thing you notice when browsing through the Instagram feed is the account's status, especially the number of followers.

Is It Worth Buying Instagram Accounts?

The straightforward answer is yes and no!

social media marketing looking to accelerate2 400If you're ready to put in time, dedication and consistency, without being influenced by what others are doing, why buy an Instagram account? You can start from scratch.

But that will never be the case for individuals looking forward to being viral stars, influencers, and celebrities. Simply put, if you're not ready to grow gradually from 100 to 10 000 followers and more, purchasing used accounts is a stepping stone and a fast approach to start showcasing your brand or products to a large audience.

Let's face it!

We all want to start from somewhere. An account with good status has high visibility on Instagram, and that shows credibility. With a name, the focus shifts to engaging your client more and attracting a new organic audience.

That's what everybody wants, and buying accounts makes it a reality for you!

That said, if you're interested in buying Instagram accounts for marketing or fame, here are key reasons why you shouldn't give up your decision:

  • Engagements in Instagram are higher than most social media platforms. More followers mean more engagements (Source: Rivaliq). 
  • More than 23% of Instagram users access the app via a mobile device every month. With mobile use dominating, that means a great reach (Source: Backlinko).
  • 60% of users will know about a new product while on Instagram ( Source: Instagram)
  • 98% of marketers can evidence that Instagram is the best option for influencer marketing. It's easy to get famous and stand a chance to endorse big brands (Source: Hubspot).
  • Instagram has excellent features that allow sharing of the best photos and videos (Source: Instagram).
  • Instagram stories continue to grow popular, with over 500 million users embracing them for marketing (Source: Statista).
  • 37% of U.S. citizens are on Instagram (Source: Statista).

How to Buy Instagram accounts

If you intend to buy Instagram accounts, there are many ways to do it. In most cases, you can either engage a seller directly or find a middleman website that meets your specifications. There are multiple companies you'll find on the internet specializing in this business (more on this later!).

Irrespective of the approach you use, buying Instagram accounts online is a risky affair.  Some sellers are legit, while others intend to scam you. Many people have already fallen victims. It's in the public domain.

You don't want that! Ensure you double-check everything to confirm the authenticity.

So, how do you do that? Here's how you do your due diligence and buy Instagram accounts safely:

Start With a Background Check

Be sure you're talking to sellers who own the account. Try to chat with the account on sale and see if they respond. Also, gauge the audience quality by weighing on engagements with its following. Avoid accounts with a large following and few posts. Tools like Hypeauditor should help you do a quick assessment.

Confirm the Niche

Does the account complement your marketing goals? You don't need a fashion-based account when you're in the health and fitness niche. Some users will disengage you to the extent of unfollowing your account. Have a look at the account metrics like the hashtags and nature of posts to have an assurance of the niche and target audience engagements.

Get a Sale Contract

Many people overlook this step. A sales contract stipulates the terms, and you need it only after you've confirmed everything about the account. Key details include parties' identity, date, account details, payment method. Some platforms already have sale contracts.

Choose the Right Payment Method

Different sellers will opt for varying methods from credit cards to online payment providers. What matters most here is how you do it. Since you can't trust just anybody, a secure payment option like PayPal is ideal since it allows for reversals, chargebacks, and claims.

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Protecting and Rebranding Your Purchased Instagram Account

Let's assume you're buying an account, and you've followed the above concerns; what comes next is protecting then rebranding your new-found account.

Don't, even for a second, think that your seller is 100% clean. If you don't want headaches, maximize your account security by changing the logins credentials — it's common sense. Successfully changing the current email and password reduces the chances of scams.

The previous owner will also have no access to the account. Note that allowing a seller to keep these vital details is tricky because they can claim their account was hacked and have it back.

Once you've protected the account, go ahead and change critical data like the link on the bio, bio details, Instagram handles, and everything in between. Customize it the way you want. Instagram has no issue with this when done right.

With all that done, you should be ready to start uploading content. But how's the new account likely to perform? More on that in a few!

Where Can You Buy Instagram Accounts?

As mentioned earlier, middleman and online marketplaces provide a base through which you can buy or sell accounts. You probably know a few marketplaces, or you've tried some. With so many discussions about buying Instagram accounts in online communities, we'll not have helped much if we don't mention the following:

Ebay is a hotspot for selling and buying accounts. Many people have benefitted from the site, but many stories associated with this platform are heartbreaking — scammers have found a camp with easy prey. You're not safe there. Maximize your due diligence efforts or go elsewhere.

Online marketplaces, like the Facebook marketplace, is a place where you can close a very nice deal if you find an authentic seller and do everything right to secure and pay for the account. However, we don't recommend buying blindly from these online forums. First, do your research and know what people are saying about the platform.

A middleman service so far seems to win the majority of the interested parties. Despite some shady and spammy sites, buyers can now seek a recommendation on the best middleman marketplaces to check out. Here, you can have some protection.

Here some of the sites to buy Instagram accounts — don't forget it's at your own risk.


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Fameswap is now the most top-rated website to buy Instagram accounts. Here, you complete the purchase without getting in touch with the account owner.

What you'll love most about this platform is the ease of use and diversity. You'll have no problem navigating the various sections and account categories. Even when you want to buy a TikTok account, there are plenty of options for you.

When it comes to cost, we can say it's reasonable. If you spend considerable time in this marketplace, you won't miss an account that satisfies you. However, you'll need to spend more on high-value Instagram accounts.

The messages have encryption for your safety. The Escrow service that allows for withholding the money until both parties get satisfaction offers protection from potential threats.

The Trustpilot reviews, safety policies, and trading rules that everybody must follow boost clients' trust, giving them peace of mind as they buy and sell accounts. The Fameswap team checks all the accounts posted and is available all the time to buyers for any issue that may arise.

Social Tradia

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The design and responsiveness of Social Tradia are the first aspects that attract buyers and sellers. Coupled with relevant information about what the trading site does and an educational blog, you feel you're in the right place.

Whether you're into the pets or photography niche, you'll get an account to buy. The website classifies all the accounts based on the niche, engagements, and followers. You won't spend so much time here if you know what you want.

What excites many users is the chance to negotiate on prices. Despite the price tags, buyers have an opportunity to put their offers and wait for responses. There is also a money-back guarantee.

Social Tradia is very procedural to make everything easy for you. You choose an account, process the payment, sign the contract, have your account delivered, and later customize it to keep your goals alive.

With multiple reviews, FAQs, readily available support team, and friendly prices, Social Tradia continues to gain popularity and reputation in selling used Instagram accounts.

How Much Do Instagram Accounts Cost?

As we've seen, buying and selling Instagram accounts happen everywhere, and anybody can be part of the business. There are no regulations or monitoring of sales since Instagram doesn't encourage selling accounts. With that, those involved tend to charge any price they find appropriate.

However, in most cases, Instagram accounts for sale prices are determined by what you buy – the account features. The account's age, location, following, verification status, type of niche, and quality of engagement says a lot about the amount you'll pay.

For example, an established niche account with around 8K followers may retail at $60. Some decent accounts, especially those with over one million-plus following, will force you to spend approximately $30K – it's an open market.

Where you buy the account also influences the costs. You'll realize that, most often, dealing with a direct individual may cost you less than preferring some middleman companies. However, many will prefer a middleman company due to various accounts to choose from and assured protection.

Once convinced that you want an IG account, start with doing background research based on your specifications and budget. That gives you enough time to get what suits you. More so, you'll know the amount you're likely to spend when time is due.

Is It Safe to Buy Instagram Accounts?

Well, from what we've already expounded on here, you already know it's not 100% safe to buy Instagram accounts.

You've probably heard people say that buying an established account is similar to purchasing an operating business. It sounds right but not until you read the Instagram terms of service. Instagram doesn't allow buying, selling, or transferring accounts credentials, badges, or ownership to another party.

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(Source: Instagram).

How Ethical or Legal Is It to Buy Instagram Accounts?  

You do it at your peril. You'll do nothing when scammed because you were not careful — you just lose your hard-earned money, and life goes on.

Interestingly, from a legal perspective, there are no laws that regulate social media asset transfer, and Instagram accounts are not an exception. That simply means you can buy, sell and transfer ownership of social media accounts of choice.

Get this! Purchasing an Instagram account means you'll be going against Instagram terms of service but not against the law of the land.

That's the reason why Instagram support will shut down all accounts that seem fishy, and there's nothing you can do about it. The app-built machine learning tools make it easy for them to know accounts inflating through unorthodox ways and then go-ahead to suspend, close, or restrict their reach.

It's safer to grow your account organically. You'll enjoy immense rewards if you put in the right effort and embrace appropriate Instagram growth strategies.

The Performance of Bought Instagram Accounts

Let's be honest on this!

Don't expect your newly acquired Instagram account to stand out by virtue of having a huge following. There are many accounts in your niche ready to outsmart you.

If you buy active Instagram accounts, a certain percentage of your following will likely notice the change and rush to your profile to confirm what's happening. Some will unfollow you out of suspicion, while others give you time to prove you deserve their attention.

Since you don't want to lower your engagements and have your content seen to a limited audience, there is one central approach to leverage: keep posting high-quality content. A smart Instagram marketing plan will guarantee growth, and you'll be happy to achieve a lot organically.

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Build a Community to Fasten Your Instagram Growth

Used Instagram accounts with authentic followers and engagement are available for sale on different platforms for anybody interested in ready accounts that fast tracks their growth. A background check on account and seller legitimacy ensures that you don't get ripped off.

But don't just buy Instagram accounts; chart and fasten your Instagram growth by creating a strong relationship with your audience. Consistent and strategic content coupled with engaging followers will work for you.

Again, contrary to what many think, it's still possible to create a new account and grow exponentially. It's doable. Go for it if that is what you want (And by the way, it's Instagram's most recommended approach).

Do you feel like you need to engage a social media expert to help you chart your growth on Instagram? Book a session with us today. At Ignite Marketing, we're here to ignite your growth and revenue.

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