7 Chiropractic Marketing Ideas for Winter

chiropractic marketing ideas for winter

Winter is here with us!

And do you know what that means to most chiropractic businesses? It's time to reinvent their marketing strategies with fun and creative chiropractic marketing ideas.

Why? Many people are still holidaying, and with snow falling everywhere, it creates a mood for an indoor stay. In areas with severe weather, most chiropractic offices tend to close. All that translates to slow business.

But that doesn't mean you can't hack your way out. In fact, the chilly season comes with body stiffness, winter sports injuries, cold, flu, among other health issues that require a chiropractor. Proper strategies assure new and repeat patients, which means increased revenue.

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That said, what are these chiropractic marketing ideas for winter that exponentially grows your business? Worry not! Here's the list:

  • Go for winter themed chiropractic services
  • Have fun on social media
  • Take advantage of special winter days
  • Give a gift
  • Share some love
  • Create tempting winter coupons
  • Maximize your website updates

In this post, we detail more on the above handful of ideas. We're convinced that you'll find these ideas worth leveraging. Keep reading for inspiration!

Go for Winter Themed Chiropractic Services

A winter marketing campaign that doesn't make the season easier for chiropractic patients will frustrate you — a sad reality.

Focus more on how your practice can help your audience maneuver the season. That's where winter-themed services come in; to relieve season's stress, excite patients, keep them engaged, and most importantly, convert them.

Let's get things clear: For some people, winter is the perfect time for ice skating, snowshoeing, and skiing. Others prefer spending their time indoor and getting out only when a need arises. Target both groups with customized services that align with the winter months.

With that, it becomes easy to invoke prospective patients' emotions and keep them close throughout the season. Here are examples of winter-themed services that will scale your chiropractic practice:

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The New Year service

A year starts with new resolutions for most people. According to a 2018 study on Americans New Year Resolutions, 45% of participants desire to get in shape while 53% want to save money. Target new patients by services that align with their desires, lifestyle, and habits.

For instance, create a subsidized nutrition winter service for 20-35 years adults, back pain treatment for construction workers, and a pregnancy chiropractic package.

Winter sports service

Come up with a customized chiropractic sport service that sets you apart from competitors who heavily depend on sports injury cases. Here's how you do it: adjust your service list and create a package that specifically offers hip, knee, leg, and joint pain treatment for those participating in winter sports—couple it with massage therapy.

Have Fun on Social Media

With everyone grabbing a warm drink to keep the season going, smartphones come in handy — they are the closest gadgets to check updates and find exciting social media trends. Over 3.6 billion people are now using social media, with the number growing each day.

Utilize your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, and Instagram to boost social media engagement and generate more sales.

But first, know what your social media audience wants. Read comments, check analysis, post opinions, and generate the right content. User-generated content is all you need to show customers that you care and value them in winter and beyond. Here's how you can have fun as the season rolls around:

Start a social media contest

Give your audience a chance to interact with your practice through a contest. Be creative and think of ideas that add warmth to the season. The contest could be sharing photos and videos with a certain hashtag.

For instance, encourage your audience to share chiropractic-related books they are reading or a home chiropractic management video. Award the winning participants.

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Show your social media prowess

Winter is the perfect time to grow the awareness of your practice. Most people have adequate time to concentrate more on what you have to offer.

Answer your audience's questions through videos, pictures, or blog posts. Make sure you demonstrate where necessary. Opt for content that covers new chiropractic ideas and suggestions prospective patients need to know or answer relevant questions asked previously. You can also consider going live; you get to address all the issues and connect directly with your audience.

Take Advantage of Winter Special Days

From the last week of December to March, there are many holidays and special days to take advantage of. We have the New Year, Valentine's Day, Presidents Day, World Bartender Day, World Cancer Day, and many more. Stick to what resonates with your winter marketing goals.

Since holidays bring fun and love, be part of these observances, and you'll have a chance to give back, support a cause and, in the long run, add new patients to your list. Here are some hacks to help your chiropractic office get the most out of the winter holidays:

  • Partner with local health and wellness centers during Heart Health Awareness Month and use that chance to educate your audience on the relationship between heart health and proper chiropractic practices.
  • Be part of Cancer Awareness Month and support chiropractic patients diagnosed with cancer with special services like massage and back pain therapy. It's beneficial to their well-being.
  • Welcome new patients, sponsors, or complementary businesses like spas during the Make a Friend Day. From this, you make friends, get known, chart business moves, and increase your monthly revenue.

Give a Gift

But don't do it the 70s way. Leverage an approach that grows your brand in different perspectives — whether you're gifting your repeat patients or general community members.

For instance, set simple conditions like subscribing to your email list to stand a chance for an amazing gift. Make the subscription process super simple; a phone number, email, and name are all you need. With an email list, forward your winter-themed gift card to the subscribers.

It's a creative way to generate leads and give your chiropractic database a boost. The subscriber list will also boost your efforts to increase the monthly email newsletters reach.

Alternatively, set up a knowledge quiz to know how well people understand your brand or post some facts that trigger a conversation and give your audience room to contribute and win gifts. Social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram stories, allow you to achieve this.

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Share Some Love

It's easy to overlook the power of human connection. As winter months progress, families, and friends tend to ignite their union in every way possible. Your chiropractic practice, too, needs to connect with your local community and shed some warmth amid the chilly weather.

Connection brings about love. And with love, the community develops a positive attitude towards your brand. Try out these love based approaches in your chiropractic marketing ideas for winter:

Sponsor winter events

You already know that winter has very few events. But that shouldn't stop you from utilizing a chance that you spot. For instance, if your practice area is full of sledding enthusiasts, sponsor an event to show some love and get your brand known. Alternatively, invite a group for a winter scene walk.

Use some holidays to volunteer

Bulk shopping during the winter holidays is now the norm. In fact, many stores have crazy offers for New Year, Valentine's Day, and President Day sales. Use that chance to partner with like-minded businesses or charity organizations to donate to the community. It shows your love and energy for social responsibility.

Spread valentine's love to your patients

Think of something that reflects the romance theme and execute it in a way beneficial to you and your patients. For instance, invite couples with back pain problems for a free consultation and discounted chiropractic therapy session followed with close monitoring until improvement.

Create Tempting Winter Coupons

social media marketing looking to accelerate2 400Promotional codes and coupons are not a new thing, and everybody loves them because they make it possible to spend less on tagged services. But before you jump in, analyze your brand, profit accrued, and the viability of this marketing approach in your practice.

That helps calculate the right discount that allows you to make substantial sales without fear of compromising your brand growth or perception. Take a look at these creative ways to offer chiropractic coupons:

  • Give 12% off for the first service offered
  • Limit the number of redemptions; let say 300 redemptions
  • Target website visitors after 8 seconds on the site
  • Ensure the coupon applies to a specific group (back to school students, elderly, couples, etc.)

Maximize Your Website Updates

As you tidy your physical office operations and improve the aesthetics, don't forget to add winter-friendly updates to your website. It shows you're ready for business, and that assures a long-lasting bond with your patients.

How do you do that?

Redesign your website with a winter theme, and you'll be happy to have clients your way without looking desperate. Winter colors like off-white and navy blue look excellent on your site. The text, background, and clothing should reflect the season.

Consider adding a pop-up with updates on when you're open and how the weather looks like at your physical location. There are times the weather goes extreme, and you don't want your audience to assume about your availability. Inform them beforehand!

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Experiment Your Chiropractic Marketing Ideas for Winter

Ready to try these ideas? With dedication and focus, these actionable marketing ideas guarantee a successful chiropractic business during winter and beyond. Combine the ideas that complement your goals and make the most of the season!

Check out more chiropractic marketing ideas here to help you prepare for spring early enough.

Do you need any assistance with chiropractic marketing? At Ignite Marketing, we've worked with multiple chiropractic practitioners and delivered results beyond their expectations. We can also help you actualize your chiropractic goals this season. Let's talk!

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